China News Agency, Taipei, April 1st. The China Nationalist Party Standing Committee passed a reform plan on April 1st. There are 62 people in the reform committee. The party's chairman is Jiang Qichen, and the secretary-general, Li Qianlong, is the deputy general convener.

According to media reports such as the Central News Agency and the China Times Newsletter, the committee consists of four groups, including experts and scholars, officials, public opinion representatives, and social elites. Among them, there are 16 cross-strait discussion groups, 15 organizational reform groups, 18 youth participation groups, and 10 financial stability groups. Su Qi, the initiator of the 1992 consensus, and chairman of the Taipei Forum Foundation, joined the discussion group across the Taiwan Straits and received much attention.

In addition, Lien Chan, Ma Ying-jeou, Wu Boxiong, Zhu Lilun, Hong Xiuzhu, Wu Dunyi and other former KMT presidents were hired to participate in the advisory board.

The Kuomintang lost in the "two-in-one" election in Taiwan on January 11 this year, and waves of reform within the party arose. On January 22, the KMT Central Committee discussed and approved the establishment of a reform committee. It is expected that the KMT will be renewed with new discussions and actions.

After the plan is passed, according to the operation plan, the committee will select the convener of each group, hold a group meeting to discuss, and submit it to the committee for discussion after completing the group report; the written proposal is expected to be completed on May 22. (Finish)