One Tuesday morning came to mail with an emergency call. Protective visors were needed in the care. The plastic company in Motala could help.

- Tuesday morning I got this and went out on the shelves. Picked out what we had. We had some transparent plastic, some rubber cords and stuff and we built a prototype, says Håkan Kindström, CEO of the company Inplastor.

At lunchtime, Håkan went to Linköping and showed the visor. After some further development, an order of 65,000 visors was received on Thursday.

Some people have already been hired, but the large production may be outsourced to units and industries other than the one in Motala

Of course, the company's staff can also get sick, whether it is covid-19 or something else. Therefore, staff are now trained to have two or three capable of working at the particular machines that will produce the visor.

No special measures are taken at the company itself but to emphasize the importance of good hygiene. As in most other workplaces, staff are urged not to come to work if you feel the least ill.