16 days ahead of the general election. Let's look at the movement of each party. The Democratic Party today (30th) welcomes the decision to pay emergency livelihood support and said it will focus on alleviating people's suffering. The United Party criticized the government for its lack of realism.

Reporter Park Sang-jin.


The Democratic Party welcomed the emergency subsidies decided by the Blue House today and said the party will focus on alleviating people's suffering.

[Lee Nak-yeon / In addition, Democratic Party Chairman of the Democratic Party: We will continue to hold elections with a focus on overcoming the national crisis and alleviating public suffering.]

He criticized the UN's budget for 100 trillion won in irresponsibility.

In-young President Lee In-young said that Hwang Kyo-an, a leader of the unification party, was aware of some Christian votes that the government's ruling party sold as if the church were responsible for the collective infection.

In response, Mr. Hwang countered that he said there was no evidence of an infection in the church and pointed out that the problem had been extended to the whole.

The United Nations also set the day for the government's emergency livelihood support policy.

Chairman Kim Jong-in gave 1 million won per household and criticized that he was not prepared for what he would do after 1 million won.

[Kim Jong-in / Chairman of the Future United Party Election Countermeasures: Don't you have to think again that you will start with the budget unconditionally and in debt? .]

The Social Democratic Party criticized the Democratic Party as a pro-Moonjae, a pro-nationalist, and created a satellite party, and the United Party was trying to revive the NGOs.

The Justice Party also adheres to the principle. With the general election slogan of 'Keeping you,' he criticized the huge bipartisan who mobilized the proportional party to be judged by history.