China News Service, March 30. According to the United States "World Daily", recently, Sylvia Tian, ​​a Chinese resident of Pleasanton, East Bay, San Francisco, USA, said that a home evacuation order was implemented from Alameda County. Since then, her two sons, Keith and Dylan, have to take online classes at home, and she and her husband have become full-time secretaries and teachers. "There are troubles and happiness, moving forward in difficulties, and parents also gain and grow."

Tian Xia said that each child must learn four courses of language, mathematics, science and humanities. The software specified by the teacher in each course is different. When they are at home, they have to register again. Registration takes a long time. She and her husband agreed that one person would be responsible for one child.

Tian Xia had to revise the child's homework. Fortunately, she said, thanks to her English major in college, she has no language skills and can point out spelling or grammatical errors.

Tian Xia described preparing children for online lessons and correcting homework. "It was difficult to smash my head and cover my face." But as a parent, I am also learning to grow up and experience how to communicate effectively and respectfully with my child. She said, "For example, the efficiency of mathematics teaching in the United States is slow. My youngest son, Dylan, has been studying for a year, but has not recited the ninety-nine table like China, or use the accumulation method, which is anxious."

Tian Xia said that in the face of these problems, parents need to be patient and explain to their children. At some point, the child will continue to challenge parents for certain grammatical abbreviations. "He would say, how can this not be? In fact, it is not, but the textbook knowledge has been lost for too long, and it must be mentioned to remember."

Tian Xia appreciates some of the knowledge in children's humanities subjects. For example, teaching children early on how to deal with life and friends, how to deal with frustration or anger, and their relationship with society. "In the education I have experienced, these issues have never been mentioned, which is refreshing."

Tian Xia said that her two sons learned to swim, and used to exercise for one and a half hours a day, four days a week. Now she is upset at home because she lacks exercise and shows signs of being overweight. She changed her three meals a day to two meals and tried her best to guide her son to run to lose weight.