Netflix puts new movies and series online every week. This week includes a new season of Ozark , Suits and the exciting film The Occupant .



Sigmund Freud is world famous as the inventor of psychoanalysis, but this new drama series colors history much more spectacularly. Young Sigmund goes to Vienna to pursue a career and works as an advisor to the Vienna police. He uses his theories about the human mind to solve brutal crimes. Historically irresponsible, but exciting.



Freud - Trailer

Ozark Season 3

Marty (Jason Bateman) and his family traveled to the rural area of ​​The Ozarks to avoid Mexican drug cartels who want to see money. In the third season of the exciting crime drama, the Navarro Cartel comes into play again. The drug lords are very interested in Marty's new casino, where they can launder money. As if that's not bad enough, the FBI also wants to take a look at the family's finances.



Watch the Ozark - Season 3 trailer here

Rojst ( The Mire )

A communist activist and a young prostitute are found dead in a Polish swamp. Journalists Witold (Andrzej Seweryn) and Piotr (David Ogrodnik) report the crime in the local newspaper, but are opposed from all sides. The more they find out about the atrocity, the deeper they find themselves into a dangerous swamp.



Rojst (The Mire) - Trailer

Suits season 7

The ninth and final season of Suits already appeared in the United States last year, but on Netflix we were only presented with the second half of the seventh season this week. Although the episodes are a bit older, the seventh season of Suits is essential. The series and fans said goodbye to Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle). Markle left the series to marry British Prince Harry.



Meghan Markle in her last season of Suits


The young Esther (Shira Haas) is constantly at odds with her family, which consists of Orthodox Jews. The young lady's life has already been mapped out completely and she has nothing to say about it herself. Out of misery she flees New York to build a new life in Berlin. However, her husband discovers she is pregnant and travels after her, while the rabbi is chasing him.



Unorthodox - Trailer


A Prayer Before Dawn

Young boxer Billy Moore (Joe Cole) is arrested in Thailand and ends up in a life-threatening prison. Moore almost loses his mind because of the degrading conditions and the horrific violence: to be in the cell as little as possible, he joins the prison boxing team. He has a talent for Thai boxing, but when the heavy boys in prison start betting on his matches, the pressure becomes inhuman.



Watch the trailer of A Prayer before dawn here

The Occupant

Advertising man Javier loses his job and has to leave his house with a heavy heart. He meets the new residents of the house, and becomes very interested in Tomas and Lara, who have replaced him and his family. Interest quickly turns into a dangerous obsession in this exciting Spanish thriller.



The Occupant - Trailer


Crip Camp

Disabled people were largely left to their own devices in the 1970s. One holiday camp began to target young disabled people and gave them the means to develop themselves. After all, a handicap does not mean that you are less important as a person. Camp Jened would later become an important organization in the fight for disability rights. Crip Camp was released by the production company of Barack and Michelle Obama.



Crip Camp - Trailer

New on Netflix

Although there are a few interesting titles in between this week, the Netflix violence breaks loose again in April. Then the fourth season of La casa de papel , the second season After Life and Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time In ... Hollywood will appear .



The trailer of La casa de papel - Season 4