China News Agency, Beijing, March 28 (Guo Chaokai) A reporter learned from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation on the 28th that China's 54th Beidou navigation satellite has recently entered its scheduled working orbit.

Previously, the satellite antenna had been successfully deployed, the on-board payload was opened, and the satellite was working normally. Subsequently, the satellite will undergo comprehensive testing and evaluation, and then be connected to the Beidou satellite navigation system to officially provide navigation services.

At 19:55 on March 9, China successfully launched the 54th Beidou navigation satellite with the Long March IIIB carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The construction of the Beidou satellite navigation system has gone through three phases of the Beidou No.1, No.2, and No.3 systems. At present, all four Beidou No.1 test satellites have been retired. Starting from the first star of the No.2 Beidou, China has launched 54 Beidou navigation The satellite is only a step away from the completion of the Beidou III system.

The reporter learned that the Beidou-3 system consists of 30 medium-circle earth orbits, 3 geostationary orbits, and 3 inclined geosynchronous orbits. The 54th Beidou navigation satellite is the 29th networking satellite of BeiDou-3, and it is also the second geostationary satellite. This type of satellite plays a key role in satellite-based enhancement, short message communication, and precise single-point positioning. effect.

In May this year, China will launch its last geostationary orbit satellite as planned. By then, the deployment of Beidou III Global Constellation will be fully completed. (Finish)