Apple and the White House announced on Friday that an iPhone maker is working with President Donald Trump's administration and federal agencies, to release an app and website that helps users examine symptoms of Covid-19 patients and direct them to disease control centers.

White House officials said that the application, which will be available in the application store as "Covid-19", will ask users questions about symptoms, location and risk factors, and then provides appropriate and updated guidance from the CDC.

The app will also answer frequently asked questions about Corona virus disease with official information from the CDC. The same information will be available on this special Apple website ( which will be available to users of Windows computers, Android phones and other non-Apple devices.

Apple said it will not collect user-submitted answers to application and website questions, and the answers will not be sent to Apple or any government agency.

Last week, Google also launched a website dedicated to US citizens to obtain accurate information about the Corona Virus pandemic, after President Trump announced it at a news conference.

The announcement by President Trump of the site caused controversy, as Google clarified that a company under the umbrella of Alpha Bit is the one working on the site and that it belongs to California and does not include all states.

Apple headquarters are subject to closure orders in the United States for more than a week. The company's CEO, Tim Cook, said earlier that the company had donated 10 million protective masks to American healthcare groups.