In the United States, everyday life is almost paralyzed. Water and toilet paper were burnt and hoarding was occurring, even from firearms and ammunition.

Let's look at the report of correspondent Kim Soo-hyung and connect to Washington.


It seems that the cart procession that goes into a large mart in the early morning is 100 meters long.

The shelf full of bread was empty.

There are few cereals or cookies that can be stored for a long time.

It is an American large mart.

It was originally a shelf with water and toilet paper, but the stock was completely out of stock as the stocking began with anxiety.

[Charles Stern / Shoppers: I bought three bundles of tissue paper. I was lucky enough to live in a good time.]

Mart has begun to limit sales per capita for some necessities of heavy stockpiling.

Interaction occurs where the hoarding that occurred as a result of group anxiety inverts the anxiety psychologically.

[Sandra Rookie / Shoppers: Actually, I only wanted to buy soup, but I bought something I needed. Even the kids didn't go to school due to school closings, so I wanted to get enough food.]

It also jumped to the sale of firearms and bullets.

[Gabriel Bogeun / Gun dealer: Sales have always risen when people feel uneasy. It was the same that gun and bullet sales increased.]

In the United States, there are now 2,800 confirmed cases in 49 states except West Virginia, and the death toll has also increased to 50.

(Video coverage: Jungsik Oh, Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)


Correspondent Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung and President Trump, who had contact with confirmers, were controversial.


The attending physician released the results of President Trump's inspection, and a week ago, he met Brazilian President Bousonaroo at the Florida Mara Resort.

At first, he said that he did not need to be tested, but in the end, he was pushed by public opinion.


Also, the talkative British and Irish countries have finally become banned.


There were many sayings that President Trump's own resorts were left out of England and Ireland.

Eventually, from the 17th, it was decided to add to the entry prohibited.

Following Iran and China, the entire EU member states are now banned from entering the United States.


And nowadays, the case of Korea is being mentioned at the White House?


In the past two months, Korea's experience in responding to Corona 19 will be helpful in many areas for other countries that are now struggling. Today, on the 15th, the White House press conference presented several examples of Korean corona events and countermeasures. That's it.

Listen to it.

[Anthony Pouch / National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA: You will see the curve of Corona 19 spreading. We are looking at this curve in Korea (drawing a downward trend). This is what we want to see in America now.]

[Devi Bucks / Corona, USA Task Force Team Coordinator: Our conclusion is similar to that obtained in Korea. 96% (with drive-through testing) will receive a Corona19 negative decision.]

South Korea's drive-through prosecutors have now begun in the United States, where hundreds of meters long have been witnessed by crowds of people trying to get them.

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, Video editing: So Ji-hye)