China News Service, March 5th. According to the New York Overseas Chinese Daily News website, on March 4th, local time, the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection announced that masks are temporarily in short supply. Illegal, facing a maximum fine of $ 500.

The Consumer and Workers Protection Agency said that although health officials do not recommend healthy people to buy masks, New York still faces a shortage of masks. In order to protect consumers from being charged high prices, the Consumer and Workers Protection Agency announced that it is illegal to raise mask prices. The regulations will come into effect on March 5.

The price of masks has been rising in New York. A supermarket has recently put on a variety of masks on its shelves, and its price has almost increased ten times than usual. A box of 50 surgical masks sells for $ 95. A box of N95 masks sells for $ 225.

The Director of the Consumer and Worker Protection Bureau (Lorelei Salas) said, "It is intolerable to rob people who are concerned about their health and the health of their families and make huge profits from it. When we see the shelves are empty, more and more businesses are pricing When we drive up a few hundred dollars, we know that New York City must take action to prevent prices from rising up. "

The director said that after seeing reports that the price of masks was soared, she went to a store to buy masks in person. The price of a box of 10 pieces was 212 US dollars, which is simply sky-high price.

Under New York law, under special circumstances, the Consumer and Workers Protection Agency can declare certain items as temporary shortages. Stores that sell these scarce products must not raise prices excessively, cannot require customers to buy at least how much, cannot deny customers equal shopping opportunities, or require customers to purchase other items at the same time.

The Consumer and Worker Protection Agency will monitor stores and respond to consumer complaints. Shops found to be overcharging will be fined up to $ 500. The new rule is valid for 30 days, at which time the Director of the Consumer and Workers Protection Agency can announce its cancellation or extension. (Lin Jing)