Israel: Third general election in one year. Polls for quarantines to prevent the spread of infection at 16:10 on March 2

In the Middle East, Israel remains politically stalled, with the third general election taking place in the past year on the 2nd. In Israel, quarantine measures have been taken for more than 5,600 people to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and this time, measures such as establishing a dedicated polling place are being pressed.

In April and September last year, Israeli general elections were held, but the right-wing party led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, Likud, and the blue-and-white squad, established by a former military chief of staff, won the seat. In parallel, coalition negotiations could not be completed, and the government could not be launched.

For this reason, the unusual third general election in one year was held on the 2nd, and voting is currently underway.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who aims to maintain the right-wing government, has claimed that a part of the west bank of the Jordan will be annexed based on the Middle East peace plan announced in January by an allied US President Trump.

In response, Gantz, who heads "Blue and White," criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for being charged with corruption in January and appealed for a change of government. doing.

On the other hand, this election is being held in the face of a growing sense of caution over the spread of infection, as confirmed by cases of new coronavirus infection in Israel.

There are more than 5,600 people who have returned from Japan, Italy, etc. and are isolated at home for follow-up observations, and the Election Administration Commission has been forced to respond by establishing a dedicated polling place.

The Israeli general election will be voted on the same day, and it is expected that a large number will be identified on the morning of the 3rd of Japan time.

There is a transparent partition between the polling place and the monitoring staff

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, there are six people infected with the new coronavirus in Israel, and more than 5,600 people isolated from home or other places to return home from Japan or China for follow-up.

To this end, the Election Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, has set up 14 dedicated polling stations in the country to ensure that voters who are following up have the right to vote.

In order to prevent infection in these polling stations, a transparent partition is provided between the space where voters vote and the space where attendants monitor voting status.

In order to prevent the act of intentionally transmitting false information about the new coronavirus via SNS, etc., and prevent the act of interfering with voting, the Election Commission has set up a special team to detect fake news and prevent its spread.