The Saudi News Agency reported that the Saudi authorities suspended entry to its lands for the purpose of Umrah and visited the Prophet’s Mosque temporarily, as part of the procedures to prevent the arrival of the Corona virus.

The agency added that Saudi Arabia also decided to suspend entry to its lands with tourist visas for people coming from countries where the spread of the Corona virus is dangerous.

Riyadh has also decided to suspend the use of Saudi nationals and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries for the national identity card to travel to and from the Kingdom.

According to the same source, the Saudis who are abroad are excluded if their exit is from the Kingdom with a national identity card, and citizens of the Cooperation Council countries are currently inside the Kingdom and wish to return to their countries, if their entry is with an identity card.

Saudi Arabia confirmed that these procedures are temporary and are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent authorities.

The Corona virus has spread to more than 40 countries so far, with the total number of infections in China exceeding 78,000. However, the Director of the World Health Organization in Europe, Hans Cluj, called for not to panic the outbreak.