Milwaukee (dpa) - A man killed five people on the site of a brewery in the US city of Milwaukee. After that, the 51-year-old alleged perpetrator shot himself, the police said in a press release on Wednesday (local time).

President Trump had previously commented on the fact. It was an "evil killer," Trump said. "This is a terrible, terrible thing".

According to the US broadcaster CNN and other media reports, the man is said to be an employee of the brewery who stormed into the complex and killed five employees. A motive for the deed was initially unknown. The Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, spoke of a "terrible day". According to the police, there was no further danger - details of the victims were initially not to be published. First you want to contact the families.

Hundreds of people work at Molson Coors, whose 160-year-old brewery is a hallmark of the city in the northern state of Minnesota. Local branches of the ABC and NBC news networks showed a large contingent of emergency services including heavily armed special forces.

In the meantime, all buildings in the area were cordoned off. According to media reports, students in a nearby high school also had to stay in the building. In the United States, fatal attacks are repeated due to widespread firearms. Gunfire kills tens of thousands every year.

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