On February 16th, China Railway's first return-to-work custom train was launched, and nearly 300 Guizhou employees returned to Hangzhou.

Special trains, special trains, and charter flights. In order to return overseas workers as soon as possible to resume work, local companies have rechecked their work! Of course, there are alternative measures to resume work. Hardcore epidemic prevention return to a food factory in Hunan: Want to go to work? Exam first! The factory requires employees to pass the epidemic prevention examination before entering the factory. In addition, the reworked hair mask makes people feel "instantly rich." Many netizens have their brains wide open, showing the "hard core" of resumption of work ... The traffic jam on the first day of resumption appeared in many places, making some people miss the days of traffic jams at work. Many people look forward to it.

The country has taken various measures to resume work in an orderly manner and resume production. February 24. Cong Liang, a member of the party group of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the secretary-general, said that the company has made positive progress in resuming production and restarting production.

Under the epidemic situation, production cannot be stopped, life continues, and we welcome the spring blossom together!

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]