Berlin (dpa) - Bombardier Transportation is under pressure in its important German market. The train builder must significantly increase the quality of its products and consistently adhere to the terms of the contract on time, several associations demand in a letter to CEO Danny Di Perna.

The letter is available to the German Press Agency, previously reported by Business Insider. The senders are the Federal Working Group on Local Rail Transport, whose members order regional transport in Germany, the Association of German Transport Companies and the Railway Association Mofair.

Bombardier is about to be taken over by French competitor Alstom. The company agreed to help customers resolve any concerns as soon as possible.

It is unacceptable that Bombardier has not been able to find a solution for years to permanently eliminate delivery and quality problems, the letter said. "As a result, the railway undertakings have no other option but to start operations late or not in accordance with the contract." There are regular problems with the vehicles even during operation. The associations ask Di Perna to explain in a conversation how he wants to counteract the grievances.

The letter bears the date of Monday. That evening, French railroad manufacturer Alstom announced that it would take over Bombardier Transportation. The Berlin-based company forms the train division of the Canadian Bombardier Group, which also builds aircraft.

A Bombardier spokeswoman said Wednesday that they were in contact with the associations to make an appointment as soon as possible. "Customer satisfaction and quality are of paramount importance to us."

Business Insider report