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6 facts that point to the "Skandia man" guilt


In Sweden, the prosecutor in charge of the murder investigation of Prime Minister Olof Palme believes the investigation will be resolved by summer.

The murder of Prime Minister Palme may be at an end. Lead prosecutor Krister Petersson told SVT he was hopeful that the case would be resolved. The prosecution may be brought by summer or the investigation may be closed.

Expressen estimates that recent police activity may indicate that the perpetrator is believed to have previously been a suspected eyewitness named "Skandia man." According to the newspaper, the police would have recently organized several new hearings asking for information about the man.

The Skandia man's real name is Stig Engström. Engström, who worked as an advertising consultant for Skandia at the time of the murder, died in 2000.

Freelance journalist Thomas Petterson published a multi-part article in the 2018 Filter magazine, presenting his theory of Engström as a possible murderer.

Petterson told Aftonbladet he had begun investigating Palme's murder more intensively after exchanging emails with criminologist Leif GW Persson in 2006.

It also resulted in a revelation published by Dagens Nyheter in 2008, suspecting that the CIA was trying to recruit Palme as its agent.

But it wasn't enough for Petterson, but he continued to dig into the murder mystery and became interested in the Skandia man.

Petterson and Persson, who also interviewed at Aftonbladet, believed that the Skandia man was the main police investigation line in spring 2018.

- All available facts point to him. That's why police have begun investigating him again, Petterson said.

He reminded that what Engström had done at the scene of the murder had never been revealed.

- He lied about what he did at the crime scene. It is clear.

According to the reporter, the man also made the right move after contacting police the day after the murder.

- Sooner or later, he would have been found by the first signs. Instead, he called the police himself.

Petterson told Aftonbladet that he thought it was possible for Engström to have a helper. However, he has no guess as to the identity of the potential helper.

As for the theory of a gun collector who owns hundreds of weapons, Petterson believes police may have searched for the wrong kind of weapon.

Expressen compiled the Thomas Petterson Report and Lars Larsson's 2016 book based on six facts suggesting that a Skandia man could be a murderer.

Time 1: Police said the man left Skandia's office twice on the day of the murder: about 9pm when Palmet went to a nearby movie theater and 11:19 pm, two minutes before the shooting deaths of Olof Palme.

2. Characteristics: Slip on the character attributes of the murderer, such as the murderer's carry-on bag, clothing and way of moving, matching Stig Engström.

3. Action at the murder scene: Engström has lied about her actions at the murder scene and described things in a way that other witnesses have not been able to confirm. In addition, the man described another witness at the scene of the murder in a way that only the murderer could do.

4. Interrogations: Engström changed her narrative during police interrogations after hearing how others had acted at the crime scene.

5. Author profile: The FBI has investigated similar homicides. Based on the information received, the author profile would have references that match, such as getting drowned in investigation and attention-grabbing. In addition, Engström is known to be hostile to Palm.

6. Connections with the gun collector: Engström was practicing shooting and had close links with a neighbor gun collector so the man could have taken possession of the gun.

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However, there are many reasons why the murderer is a Skandia man. For example, no one has identified a man as a murderer, even though he appeared on TV and in pictures in the same costume as the murderer. Nor has it been possible to connect the right kind of weapon to a man despite his connections.

Expressen also pointed out that Engström had made himself known to the police and was open to interviewing the media. Many murderers might not want to be associated with an act in public in any way.

"It's easy to point out a dead man who can't defend himself," lawyer Leif Silbersky told Aftonbladet.

- You have to be careful. We are very used to different theories, former prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem said.

Engström is dead, so there will be no recognition. Obtaining technical evidence can therefore be difficult, if not impossible.

Source: isfi

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