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Security decrees. The plan by Lamorgese to dismantle the Salvini rules on migrants


The owner of the Interior Ministry confirms that she will present to the majority exponents a proposal to amend the decrees desired by her predecessor, the result of "the findings made by the Head of State". The League leader: "Whoever talks about erasing them helps the mafia, the Camorra and the Andrangeta. We will be in all Italian squares to try to stop them"

  • Lamorgese: "We must change the safety decrees"
  • Sardines in the square in Rome, the request: to abolish security
  • Safety. Lamorgese: "Changes to decrees before the end of the year"
  • Salvini: Monday go-ahead to security and immigration decrees


February 17, 2020 "I strongly believe in integration. Leaving these people without offering them a perspective feeds the risk that they will be attracted to the criminal circuits. If migrants feel rejected by the state, among other things, there is also the risk that they respond to call for radicalization, but effective integration needs adequate resources: for this reason, the Interior Ministry, faced with a serious situation in which tenders were always deserted due to linear cuts, recognized the prefects the possibility of increasing flexible, according to the different territorial needs, the funds to be allocated to services for migrants ". This was stated by the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese during an interview with "Il Foglio".

The owner of the Interior Ministry confirms that she will present to the majority exponents a proposal to modify the safety decrees wanted by her predecessor Matteo Salvini, the result of "the observations formulated by the Presidency of the Republic". In fact, a summit will be held today where the Minister of the Interior will present the plan that aims to dismantle the much-contested Salvini decrees. With an ambitious goal: to review the anti-NGO rules, but also to extend the type of residence permits in order to get as close as possible to humanitarian protection.

What is expected, how it will be. From NGOs to citizenship
Currently, fines of up to 1 million euros are foreseen for ships of non-governmental organizations, immediate confiscation of the ship and arrest of the master who violates the ban on entry into Italian waters. With the changes, the fines should be significantly less expensive: from 10 to 50 thousand euros and the arrest of the commander is foreseen only in the event of a reiteration of the contested conduct.

Residence permits
With regard to residence permits, there is an extension of special protection to cases of mental illness, victims of trafficking, serious vulnerability and families. The humanitarian permit so demonized by the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini and abolished by the first security decree will not be reinstated.

Registry for asylum seekers
The registry for asylum seekers. Minister Lamorgese on this point what he will propose to the majority is to return to recognize the residence permit for asylum seekers as a sufficient title for registration in the registry and therefore the right to enjoy all the services related to residence, with health services the possibility of opening a bank account.

Finally, citizenship returns to two years as the maximum time for completing the files and to silent consent except in cases of serious criminal proceedings in progress. Currently with the Salvini decrees the terms for the conclusion of the procedure for the granting of citizenship for residence at the age of 18 of the children of foreign citizens born in Italy and for marriage were doubled - from 24 to 48 months.

Salvini: "We will stop those who want to stop the decrees"
The reply of the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini is not long in coming. "Crazy. With all the problems in Italy, what is their priority? Dismantling the security decrees: more 'humanitarian' protections, faster times to give citizenship, stop fines for NGOs, stop the confiscation of ships. Ale '! They think they are spitting Salvini, they are only doing evil in the country. " The leader of the League Matteo Salvini wrote on Facebook. And he adds: "We will try to stop those who want to stop the security decrees. How people change. Conte obviously has changed his mind, not me. In the security decrees there is also talk of money to the mayors, protection to the policemen, funds to the agency for assets seized and confiscated from the mafia
speaks of canceling the security decrees helps the mafia, the Camorra and the Andrangeta. Reopening the ports is madness. We will be in all Italian squares to try to stop them. "And he warns:" If a coronavirus comes down from a boat, I will denounce the minister for an attack on public health ".

Source: rainews

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