A total of 19 senior members of the leftist pact that governs the Balearic Islands and which is chaired by the socialist Francina Armengol each month receive a bonus of 1,800 euros -22,000 euros a year - for having in theory the habitual residence outside Mallorca. This plus has been in effect since 2011, but the scandal has now jumped due to the high number of United charges. We may perceive it despite the fact that not all of them have demonstrated for the moment that they have established their residence outside the island.

There are many doubts about the orthodoxy of the payment of these bonuses and if they are paid correctly. Therefore, the Anti-Corruption Office , which depends on the Balearic Parliament, has initiated an investigation.

The agency responsible for ensuring the legality of the activities of the deputies and senior public officials of the Balearic Islands now claims the beneficiaries of the plus to document in detail where they were registered at the beginning of last year. This will check if there has been a fraud and if that plus is a covert form of bonus.

At the moment, Anticorruption has already collected documentation from the Public Service area and has requested data from the National Statistics Institute in order to collate all this information and check if that money could have been paid irregularly. It is expected that in the coming weeks, when their findings conclude, a report on the case will be issued, although it is still unknown whether or not it will be prosecuted.

The pact that governs the Balearic Islands is made up of the PSOE, United We and the sovereigns of Més per Mallorca . The bonus is received by the three parties, but the eight positions of Podemos stand out.

Several of them come from the Peninsula and have been signed by the Government after having lost the position they previously held after the bad results of the last elections.

The list of investigated

We can count on the Government with two counselors, the Energy Transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes , and the Agriculture, Mae de la Concha . Both have turned to people from the peninsula who had run out of charge to complete their organization chart. The Ministry of Agriculture created a new general direction, Food Sovereignty, to place the Asturian Paula Valero , who had lost her seat in the Congress of Deputies.

The general director of Consumption is the Catalan Felix Alonso Cantorné , who had ceased to be mayor of Altafulla (Tarragona) and national deputy for United We Can. For the Ministry of Agriculture, Podemos chose the Asturian resident in Menorca Mae de la Concha . Charge the plus for being registered in Menorca.

Another position of Podemos is the chief of staff of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fernando Fernández Such from Alicante, who until April was an advisor in the Congress of Deputies of the Commissions of Agriculture and Energy Transition. For the position of General Director of Energy, Podemos chose the Basque Aitor Urresti , the only one who had no political position before.

Another newly created position is the Parliamentary Interlocutor of the Ministry of Energy Transition, which has fallen to Diana María Alonso San Alberto , formerly an adviser to Podemos in the European Parliament. And so, up to eight positions of the purple formation enjoy the controversial bonus.

The case of the plus of residence has become a scandal that, as has been advanced, also affects charges of other parties and among them the Mobility advisor, Marc Pons (PSOE), with residence in Menorca, and the Presidency counselor , Pilar Costa (PSOE) of Ibiza. The Parliament recently discussed a proposal to suppress these bonuses or reduce them but it was not approved.

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