Arab League adopts resolution to reject Trump's Middle East peace plan February 2 at 5:18


On the Middle East peace plan announced by the US Trump administration, the Arab League held an urgent foreign ministerial meeting and adopted a resolution rejecting the peace plan, stating that "it does not meet the minimum Palestinian rights." Although the Arab League maintained solidarity in solidarity with Palestine, there were differences in the position of each country, and specific support measures were not included.

After the Trump administration in the United States announced its own Middle East peace plan that clarified its attitude toward Israel, including making most of the Jewish settlements built in violation of international law into Israeli territory, The federation held an urgent foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo, Egypt, on the 1st.

At the meeting, Palestinian Interim Authority Abbas chairman Abbas also attended and rejected the peace plan again, saying to Israel and the U.S. that they would `` cut off all relations, including security cooperation, '' We warned that we would stop cooperation such as offering.

Following discussions on the peace plan, the Arab League rejected the peace plan as saying `` the Palestinian people did not meet the minimum rights, '' and unanimously adopted a resolution not cooperating in its promotion. did.

Although the Arab League has maintained solidarity in solidarity with Palestine, the Gulf states and Egypt, which have close ties to the United States, have issued positive statements that have been evaluated positively following the announcement of the peace plan. However, the resolution did not include any concrete support measures for Palestine.