Police announced Sunday afternoon that the gas leak has stopped. The spill occurred at the pulp mill Ahlstrom-Munksjö Aspa Bruk in Olshammar and will now be investigated by the police. This is according to police spokesman Christina Hallin.

- Right now, prosecutors want it classified as environmental and / or work environment crime. The water is close and there may be reason to investigate whether the environment was affected by the emission.

That a workplace accident is investigated by the police is routine, she clarifies.

- This does not mean that you always suspect a crime, but that you want to investigate whether someone has failed in their work environment responsibility.

Severely damaged

Of the four people exposed to the toxic sulfur gas, the condition is serious for one.

- Sulfur hydrogen is very toxic, says health care manager Lenny Forsberg. It takes a few breaths to get really bad.

Three hours after the accident at 14:00, the police announced that production at the factory had been stopped, which means that it no longer leaked any toxic gas.

The emergency services then took over to clean up the premises. A technical investigation will be conducted on Monday to find out what caused the gas leak.