A group of British lawyers filed a complaint with the Anti-Terrorism Police Command in the capital, London, demanding the issuance of an arrest warrant for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, on charges of torture and murder.

The complaint - submitted by the International Courts of Justice in Britain (Guernica) comes in conjunction with the arrival of Sisi London to participate in the work of the British-African Investment Summit that will be held today, Monday, in the presence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the participation of 21 African heads of state.

Guernica (non-governmental) said in a statement that, in light of Sisi's visit, she submitted - at the request of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (an Egyptian opposition group) - a criminal complaint to the leadership of the anti-terrorist police in the capital, requesting an investigation into murder and torture cases and issuing an arrest warrant against Sisi.

According to the statement, Guernica asked the Anti-Terrorism Police Command to launch an investigation into credible allegations against the Egyptian government and its apparatus.

Guernica - as well as identifying itself on its website - is an office of qualified lawyers to try in court and specialized in international law.

It says it provides technical support and helps build and strengthen local capacities in conflict and beyond in various areas including strategic litigation, the preparation and delivery of specialized training programs, giving consultations, and investigative inquiry at the request of local communities.

Morsi's death
In her statement, Guernica explained that the complaint (referred to) specifically calls for an investigation into the circumstances of the death of the late President Mohamed Morsi and the treatment he suffered before his death.

She pointed out that the issue of Morsi's death had been submitted by her to Agnes Calamard, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions.

The late President died during his trial in June 2019 following a sudden heart attack, according to what Cairo had announced at the time.

While UN experts said - in a joint statement at the time - that Morsi was held in conditions that can only be described as brutality in the Tora prison complex south of Cairo, it is likely that these conditions led directly to his death, the authorities deny this and say that they provide health care to all prisoners without discrimination .

Guernica considered that the UK authorities should properly investigate these serious accusations (against the Egyptian government and its services) and request the approval of the Public Prosecution to arrest the military commander (Sisi) and charge torture with him.

In her statement, she warned that the UK could be seen as a safe haven for those who consider themselves safe from prosecution.

According to observers, the London police are unlikely to respond to the complaint against Sisi, given his immunity, and as it appears earlier to deal with similar complaints against state leaders and senior foreign officials.