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Malå municipality has been providing diapers for preschool for over 30 years


Who should stand for the diapers? It is the hot conversation at many preschools after a judgment in the District Court that has caused many to scratch their heads. In Malå, on the other hand, there has been no talk about the matter for the past 30 years - preschoolers buy the diapers themselves and all children receive the same service.

- I have worked in preschool since 1990 and it has always been so. We buy the diapers ourselves and let the educators work on other things, says Maria Larsson, who is the principal of the preschool.

In the vast majority of municipalities in Västerbotten County, 13 out of 15, parents bring diapers themselves to preschool, but not in Skellefteå and Malå. On the contrary, in the latter municipality it has been so long that hardly anyone who works there remembers how it started.

Maria Larsson got to check with her former manager about how it turned out that the municipality began to take care of diaper purchases.

- She said they thought it was booky for the staff. It took too much time and energy to organize, says Maria Larsson.

"More time for the kids"

Preschool teacher Majvor Bildström, who works at the preschool Skogsgläntan, agrees. She only sees benefits.

"It gives us time to devote ourselves to the children," she says.

Last year, after a dispute between the municipality of Värmdö and a private preschool, the District Court decided that all municipalities with a maximum rate should be responsible for the diapers in the preschools.

In Malå, parents who already have the highest preschool fee, so-called maximum rate, pay nothing extra for the diapers today. Otherwise, it costs SEK 50 per month. But not in January.

- We removed that charge in January to look at what this verdict said. Has it said that we should not charge fees or that it is the maximum rate that applies. We will follow what the verdict entails, says Rector Maria Larsson.

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