Although we want to get really white and shiny teeth, some of us don't know the most notorious bad habits that threaten teeth.

Here are six things that ruin your smile:

1- Soft drinks
In her report, published by the American "Hair Beauty" website, writer Helen Gordon said that consuming soft drinks throughout the day makes sugar accumulate on your teeth, causing future cavities. Moreover, soft drinks lower the pH in the mouth, which can lead to weakening of the enamel and yellowing of the teeth.

2- Smoking
Cigarettes cause deep spots on the teeth, along with bad breath, and can lead to cancer. So, you should quit smoking to get a white smile.

3- Electronic cigarettes
Many people think that if they stop smoking and use electronic cigarettes, they can keep fresh breaths and white teeth, but this is not true. To date, the long-term effects of e-cigarette smoking have not been studied, but a few studies have revealed that e-cigarettes kill cells in the mouth and can damage gums.

4- Drinking coffee and tea
Most people know that drinking coffee can cause tooth pigmentation, but they do not know that black tea also affects dental whiteness.

5- Grating teeth
Bruxism is a condition in which a person applies his teeth or rubs each other with severe itching, and sometimes the pressure may be strong to the extent of a creaking sound, and it is clear to those who suffer from this problem at night while sleeping.

The long-term grating of the teeth causes jaw and teeth problems, and it can cause small cracks on the teeth that will get worse with time. Some people press their jaws while sleeping without being astute. So, try to control this habit when you're awake, and get a night dental protector if you think you have gnashing while sleeping.

6- Sticky foods
All sugars are harmful to the teeth and will cause cavities, but the worst is the sticky sticky - like raisins and girls' spin - because they stick and enter between the teeth and are difficult to get rid of. The longer these nutritional particles remain between the teeth, the more damage will be done to the enamel.