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9 tips to get rid of rumen without dieting


Do you dream of reducing your weight and getting rid of rumen without having to give up your social life and stay away from the dishes you love? This is possible by following a set of tips that will enable you to lose excess weight without a strict diet.

Writer Maura Corrado said in an article published by the Italian "Una Donna" website, that there is a bitter experience that many people suffered from, which is to follow a diet with full details and be able to lose weight, but they recovered those kilograms that they lost after a short period.

And many scientific studies have proven this, as only 20% of those who underwent a low-calorie diet managed to control their weight in the long run. This raises questions about the difficulty of adhering to healthy eating habits.

The writer explained that enthusiasm in the beginning is the primary motivation for success in the beginning, and a person can be patient with reducing food, but once he gets some results, his enthusiasm cools and he feels that his mission has been accomplished. Once appetite for binge eating for a few days, the person returns to the same nutritional behavior that caused him extra pounds and rumen.

Here we give you nine tips to get easier results and get rid of belly:

1- Small goals for lasting results :
Making drastic and severe changes in the foods that a person eats is a behavior that cannot last long, so it is best to set limited, more precise, and easier goals. It is possible to start changing the quality and quality of food instead of its quantity, such as avoiding sauces and replacing them with olive oil, and choosing whole wheat for pastries and bread.

2- Calories and quantity .. No calculator needed :
Food properties and their ingredients have become common knowledge thanks to articles and TV programs that are interested in this field. Everyone has become guilty when choosing the food or drink that they will ask for, and it is better to go to dishes filled with water and vegetables such as salads and soups.

On the other hand, you should reduce the consumption of bread and pastries, and if you want to eat a pasta dish, it is better to eat it without adding to it other ingredients full of calories such as cheese, and you should also avoid pizza and french fries.

3- Beware of sugar :
Cakes, refreshments, cheese cake, biscuits and all sweets sold in stores are attractive and sweet products, but they are full of sugars harmful to the body. Therefore, its consumption must be reduced not only to reduce weight, but also to improve overall health. There are also hidden sugars such as those found in tomato paste (ketchup) and some types of sauce and canned products, which are products that should not be eaten daily.

4- Watch snacks :
Many eat snacks frequently while watching TV or working at the office, and this leads to the storage of harmful fats and sugars. Before eating these foods, you should ask yourself: Am I really hungry? Do I need this?

She advised the author to completely stop eating harmful foods in order to resist hunger or negative thoughts. Instead, it is sufficient to chew gum, drink a healthy drink, or do breathing exercises.

5- Pamper yourself in a measured way :
Weight control should not turn into a source of stress and stress. Rather, a paper and pen or one of the applications on smartphones can be used to create a blueprint for the days when you will spoil yourself by eating the things you love.

6- Delicacies and watching movies :
It is a good idea to draw up a plan for the days when you will excuse yourself from the diet, but you should also pay attention to the times you spend with friends and colleagues, where appetizers and snacks are frequently consumed, so you should avoid eating at these times.

7- Chew food slowly :
If you suffer from work pressure or have been busy chatting on social media, try to resist that pressure and chew food slowly, and your stomach will surely thank you after that. It takes 15-20 minutes for the body to begin absorbing nutrients from food, and it sends a signal of satiety to the brain. If you chew slowly, this signal will arrive before you consume quantities you do not need.

8- Plan a beverage :
Diet efforts should not focus on eating, as some drinks are a bomb of sugars and calories, and your efforts to lose weight may fail. Also, care should be taken of artificial juices, and they should be replaced with natural juices.

9- The balance in protein consumption :
The author warns that excessive consumption of meat and animal protein is also harmful to health and the environment. You are not required to become a vegetarian, but it is a good idea to switch between animal and vegetable proteins, and are highly interested in consuming foods like vegetables, spinach and cabbage, because they are an excellent source of energy and rich in fiber, and help regulate digestion.

Source: aljazeera

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