The drone was self-propelled and flew out of sight. The experiment was carried out on December 2.

- We wanted to find something relevant to fly. The drones have limited load capacity. There are two tracks: medical materials or food, says research engineer Andreas Gising at RISE.

In other countries, including Iceland, food deliveries with drones have previously been tested.

The range for the type of drone used in Linköping is about seven kilometers and it can take two kilos of cargo.

- It covers the whole city with raw material.

Fossil-free transports

One of the objectives for food deliveries by air, rather than for example by car, is that transport should be fossil-free. Developing and testing a new safety system and getting the right permit from the Swedish Transport Agency have been some of the challenges in the project. And on top of this to create the technical solution.

RISE is an independent, state research institute. The EU's innovation organization EIT Digital has supported the project.

The flight can be seen in the video above.