Several viewers and readers have looked into the issue. Some of them believe that the reportage both throws dirt and gives the street dogs a bad reputation:

"It is a great pity that you are so uninjured in your article, because it makes it difficult for many organizations to get donations or get dogs to move into safe homes when you scare away people who have not had to deal with animal welfare abroad," one person writes .

“There are so many associations that help the dogs away instead of being killed. I myself help an association with dogs and have never experienced anything strange with this. It is about knowledge about dogs and nothing else, ”writes another.

“If you look at the block's ads or a kennel's page for dogs for sale, you might understand why this business is increasing. A Swedish-born dog today costs half or full monthly salary. "

Hard tone in the debate

What is striking is that the tone of the emails and the discussion in general tend to be harsh. In many forums the tone is high and in social media it becomes especially clear.

“SVT is dog racist !!! They lie blue !! This only spreads preconceived sentences. Shame !, ”is one of what is written in closed groups.

Fear of threat

Several people we talked to are also afraid, they dare not put up interviews because they have been exposed to threats and drives online. One woman says that she received many threats and hate letters after her introduced street dog was killed because it was too sick to save.

There are also those who are grateful for the information they received through our elements.

"It is gratifying that you take up the risks of bringing dogs into the country, and that rabies is one of them," one person writes.

"So nice that you finally addressed the problem with street dogs," writes another.

"We wholeheartedly agree that we should not bring in dogs that can carry diseases and parasites that we do not have in Sweden," is also one of the comments we have received.

“For the dog it is better to be killed. Don't have a miserable life there and then come up with a new one that makes it hyper stressed. Trying to redo a dog that has lived a free life-fear and on guard duty is not thinking about the dog in the first place, writes one person ”.

Our ambition with the elements has been to illuminate the phenomenon and tell how it can go.