On Friday, Moscow, Washington and other Arab capitals congratulated Algeria for holding the presidential elections won by candidate Abdel Majid Taboun.

According to the results announced by the Independent National Authority for Elections, the 74-year-old former Prime Minister Tabun won the presidential vote in the first round.

Authority Chairman Mohamed Sharafi said that Taboun won 58.15% of the votes, with elections held in a charged atmosphere, amid widespread opposition from the organizers of the protests.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the holding of the presidential poll that took place on Thursday in Algeria is an important step in the progress of this country.

Russia Today channel quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying that it expresses its hope that the election of a new president in this country will strengthen relations with Algeria.

For its part, the United States congratulated Algeria for organizing the presidential elections that produced Tabun's victory.

"A year ago, the Algerian people were expressing their aspirations not only at the polls, but also on the streets," said foreign ministry spokeswoman Morgen Ortigas.

She added that the United States supports the right of the Algerians to express their views in peace (...) and looks forward to working with the President-elect to enhance security and prosperity in the region.

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Arab insults
Arab, Taboun received congratulations from the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani - on the occasion of his victory in the presidential elections - and he wished him success and prosperity, and the Algerian people have further development and growth.

The King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the President of the Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad, sent congratulatory messages to the Algerian President-elect, on the occasion of his victory, according to the official news agencies of these countries.

Qaboos bin Saeed, Sultan of Oman, also sent a congratulatory message to Taboun, and the same was done by Saudi Ambassador to Algeria Abdel Aziz Al-Omairini.

For its part, the Tunisian Renaissance Movement led by Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi congratulated the new Algerian president and his country on the successful presidential elections.

In contrast, French President Emmanuel Macron did not offer congratulations to Algeria or to the elected president.

Macron said at a press conference on Friday: I took note of the results of the presidential elections in Algeria, and the victory of the candidate Tabun, and we call on the authorities to the necessity of dialogue with the Algerian people, who emerge in peaceful demonstrations.

Taboun refused the reply, and he said in a press conference: I do not respond to Macron, he is free to sell his goods in his country, and what concerns me is the Algerian people who elected me.

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Serious dialogue
The president-elect had announced after his victory his readiness for what he called "serious" dialogue with the popular movement.

He added - at the first press conference in Algiers after the announcement of the final results of the elections - that the movement was a reason to return the country to what he called the railroad of legitimacy.

Taboon Friday evening thanked all the people, especially the young people who strongly supported him and put their trust in him, reiterating his commitment to the youth to align with them and work for their actual integration in political and economic life and to enable them to receive the flag.

He added that he would work with all Algerians "without marginalization or exclusion and without any tendency for revenge", noting that he would work to turn the page on the past and open what he called the new republic page with a new mentality and morals.

This comes at a time when demonstrators gathered in the center of the capital and other cities today, in order to express their refusal to elect the deposition of the former prime minister in the regime of ousted president Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The demonstrators chanted, "God is great ... the election is fraudulent, God is great ... We did not vote, your president will not rule us" on Friday 43rd consecutive since the start of the protest movement in February.