Val d'Isère (France) (AFP)

The Val d'Isère Men's Alpine Ski World Cup slalom was canceled on Saturday because of the gusty wind over the Savoy resort, then rescheduled on Sunday by the organizers instead of the giant.

After shortening the route and postponing the start several times, initially scheduled for 9 a.m. (0800 GMT), the organizers finally canceled the race late Saturday morning.

"It is frustrating because at times it seemed like the conditions were improving, with not too much wind and a good track. But when I went down after the cancellation I realized that there had huge gusts, which could lead to an unfair race, so there was not much choice but to cancel, said Frenchman Clément Noël in the mixed zone. ask for cancellation but to say that if the race started it should be fair for everyone, with why not a delayed start or even at night. "

In 2018 already the slalom had been canceled due to the wind. But the organizers have this time decided to reschedule the race on Sunday, in place of the giant, whose longer track is more complicated to prepare with difficult weather conditions.

Skiers will meet on Sunday at 08:30 GMT for the first round then at 11:30 GMT for the second.

The giant of Val d'Isère will be reprogrammed later in the season in another resort, said the International Ski Federation (FIS).

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