- I came now and would park my bike in the large parking lot, but I did not find the way there and gave up, says commuter Åsa Daugaard.

The Swedish Transport Administration wants travelers to use the designated bicycle parking area north of the station building, but many still use the old car park closer to the train tracks.

"Improves commuting in the long run"

Mathias Wärja, project manager for the Varberg tunnel at the Swedish Transport Administration, asks the commuters to endure and wait for more permanent solutions around the station.

Is there a risk that the situation around the station will act as a deterrent to commuting?

- I hope not. I hope that people have an understanding that this will improve commuting in the long run. You have to be careful about your planning and be out in good time, says Mathias Wärja.

In the clip above, you hear the travelers think about the situation at Varberg station.