• Impeachment, the debate in the Chamber begins
  • Use, impeachment: procedure could last days or months


December 13, 2019The Justice Commission vote on the two articles of the US president's impeachment postponed this morning at 10 (16 in Italy). At the end of thirteen hours of debate, the chairman of the House organ, the democrat Jerrold Nadler, paused the work and postponed the vote to the morning. On examination two articles indicating the alleged crimes against Donald Trump: the first is that of "abuse of power", for having put pressure on Ukraine to start an investigation into the president's political opponents; the other regards the "obstruction of the Congress" for having banned potential witnesses from responding to the convocation of commissions and not supplying the required documents. The articles will be voted individually: the approval of only one will be enough to commit the Chamber of the House to pronounce on impeachment. On the announcement of the suspension of work by Nadler, the Republicans protested.

The unexpected decision to postpone the vote was announced by the president of the House justice commission, the democrat Jerrold Nadler in the face of the obstructionism of the Republicans who for hours presented regularly rejected amendments and visibly irritated by an endless series of repetitive interventions by both parties, Republicans to defend Trump and the Democrats to reiterate their accusations. The debate had already begun on Wednesday.