The British general election is overwhelming with the ruling party.

In the British general election, the ruling party and the conservative party who decided to leave the EU = European Union won a majority of the seats, and the situation by the end of January next year became a certain situation. In the future, it will be difficult to negotiate a free trade agreement that begins with the EU after withdrawal.

In the United Kingdom, the general election held on the 12th, the ruling and conservative parties gained more seats than before the election, gaining 365 seats out of the 650 seats of the House of Representatives and controlling the majority. With the Conservative Party winning a majority of seats, the bill for withdrawal is expected to be approved by Parliament, and it is certain that the withdrawal will be realized by the end of January next year.

After leaving the UK, the UK will enter a transition period to avoid abrupt changes and aim to conclude a free trade agreement with the EU by the end of December next year. However, negotiations on such trade agreements usually require a lot of time, and it is unclear whether the negotiations will proceed smoothly in less than a year. If it cannot be settled within the deadline, it is expected to cause confusion similar to "withdrawal without agreement", and unpredictable.

On the other hand, in this election, the Scottish National Party seeking independence from the UK has made a breakthrough, accounting for 80% of the seats of the entire region, and has been voiced to become independent from the UK and remain in the EU. It is likely that the new demand for implementation will be a new fire in the UK.

Prime Minister Johnson “The discussion of leaving the EU is now permanently suspended”

Prime Minister Johnson announced a statement in front of the Prime Minister ’s residence on the 13th, “I want to give a voice directly to all who voted for the Conservative Party. And to those who wanted to stay in the EU without voting for us. "The Conservative Party administration will not ignore you."

On top of that, after the referendum on the EU withdrawal in 2016, looking back on the debate that divides the country, “The barren debate has continued for three years. Let's put an end to this and start the settlement. The discussion about leaving the EU is now permanently suspended, ”he called for an understanding of the process of leaving the EU led by the Conservative Party administration.

US Department of State "Concludes Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement"

A statement that the US State Department's Otagas spokesman said on the 13th, “I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Johnson on behalf of the United States” about the victory of the ruling and conservative parties that sought to leave the European Union in the British general election. Announced.

According to the statement, “I would like to further strengthen the special economic relationship between the two countries by signing a comprehensive free trade agreement if the UK officially leaves the EU” After leaving the EU, he showed his willingness to conclude a free trade agreement with the UK.