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China's Foreign Ministry vs Uyghur Policy


The spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is different from the fact that the United States has accused China of Uighur policy against human rights violations,

China's Foreign Ministry vs Uyghur Policy "U.S. is a Super Liar" Dec. 10 19:55

The US Foreign Ministry spokesman is different from the fact that the United States accuses China's policy against Uighurs of human rights violations, saying `` the United States is not only a superpower of the world but a super liar '' I blamed my tone.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chun said that it was different from the fact that at a press conference on the 10th, a question from a U.S. government official accused China of policies against the Uyghurs On top of that, "American's remarks make me aware of the fact that the United States is not only a superpower of the world, but also a lie with a lie," he accused with a fierce tone.

On top of that, the spokesman said that President Trump of the United States issued a presidential decree restricting entry from the Islamic sphere such as the Middle East, and the United States engaged in military involvement in the Middle East region where there are many Muslims, resulting in many victims. "A policy for American Muslims is what the international community should have a serious concern and concern for."

The Chinese government and the Chinese media have accused the U.S. of the United States every day since the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Uyghur Human Rights Bill last week, calling for sanctions against Chinese officials involved in Uighur human rights violations. At the same time, the Chinese spokesman once again strongly strengthened America.

Source: nhk

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