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The charming holidays we seek in tourist countries are a difficult experience for many, perhaps for the high cost of airline tickets, accommodation and daily expenses, but what if you could spend a year or two in the Maldives but paid and included the cost of flying and accommodation?

This is not a form of imagination, but rather an experience experienced by many Arabs and foreigners in that country, which is characterized by a picturesque nature, and due to the difficulty and even the primacy of life sometimes, the length of stay there does not often exceed more than a year, which ensures the continuity of job opportunities throughout the year, In this report, a tour of the most prominent and easiest jobs available in the Maldives, which guarantees you a full year in this charming country.

Arabic teachers
Arabic teachers in the Maldives are divided into two types, the first is for teaching in school stages, so job opportunities in this specialization are required in all Maldives, and the second part is for university education, so employment opportunities are available in the capital Male only, and universities or a ministry can be contacted Education two months before the end of the school year to request a job opportunity by the following school year.

In addition to graduating from a college and university specializing in the Arabic language, the Maldives Republic is required to master the English language, as the language of communication between students and professors until students are proficient in the Arabic language, and diplomas for teaching Arabic to foreigners or Arabic as a foreign language are an additional advantage.

In the Maldives there is a large community of Arab teachers who came from Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine, and the teacher’s salary ranges between 750 and 2000 dollars according to the school stage, while the Ministry of Education sponsors housing allowance and annual transportation tickets to and from the mother country once a year, and it is possible to apply For jobs on WorkinMaldives.

Maldives requires English language license in all disciplines (Bixaby)

As in teaching, medical jobs are also divided into two types, the first type is the position of general practitioner doctor, and the second is for the specialist doctor, and these jobs are submitted through the Maldives Ministry of Health in the islands.

As for the capital, it is directly applied to hospitals in the capital, Male, which are three main hospitals, "ADK", "Treetop" and "IGMH", and the general practitioner's salary ranges between 1500 And 2000 dollars, while the salaries of specialists start from 3000 thousand and reach 7000 thousand dollars in critical specialties.

However, the medical potential in the Maldives is considerably modest, as the majority of the islands lack major specialties such as women, obstetrics and children, and the general practitioner has to deal with all medical emergencies individually until bringing in or reaching the closest central ambulance point, which may be By fast marine ambulance in the waves, you have to think carefully before applying to remote and isolated islands, and try to apply in the capital Male near the central hospitals.

But this also does not prevent that the rest of the islands have their charm and special nature, as doctors can apply in tourist resorts, and they work separately from the Ministry of Health, and the doctor resides in the tourist resort in full residency, but he becomes responsible for any medical emergencies that occur in the resort from drowning accidents or heart attacks Or other critical medical emergencies, and these jobs can be applied through: igmh.gov.mv/internship

Maldives needs medical personnel (Bixaby)

Tourism sector jobs
Diving training is the most requested in the tourist resorts due to the interest of tourists on those activities in the Maldives, but this does not prevent the availability of many jobs, such as chefs, driving boats, repair and receiving tourists and everything related to the tourism sector, and can be applied through the resorts directly or through the Maldives Jobs website Job-Maldives, which collects all required jobs.

Tourism workers in the Maldives prefer former workers in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh and Red Sea resorts, as it is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations for Maldivian tourists, and workers in the tourism sector consider that the experience of workers in Sharm El-Sheikh is an advantage with a preference for them, which is reflected in the nationalities of workers in That sector, as the Arab community forms a large part of the arrivals there.

Working hours in the Maldives generally do not exceed seven hours, punctuated by at least an hour in addition to prayer times, and the rest of the day can be spent on the charming beaches of the Maldives, which are close to anywhere due to the nature of the islands that range between 2 km and 50 km at most in the capital , Which makes the beach always close to anywhere, but this does not prevent that the geographical nature makes life there very difficult, as vegetables and life are less simple, due to the local people's dependence mainly on fish and rice only, which makes workers There they do not renew their contracts for many years But a temporary destination as a destination or even a holiday of light work while enjoying the charming beaches.