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The older woman is the next gold mine for the cosmetic industry


The demand for cosmetics has grown in Japan among older women. In her report, published by the American "Bloomberg" website, the author, Lisa De, mentioned the spread of the cosmetic industry among older women.

The author stated that Kiko Fukuhara, 99, was chosen in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest cosmetic consultant in the world, and she works for "Paula Orbis" holding company, one of the best cosmetic companies in Japan. Selling cosmetics to women in their fifties and sixties and older is a golden opportunity for global beauty companies.

The writer said that the cosmetics market for the elderly is expected to grow by 58%, or about $ 80 billion, in the next five years. Over the next decade, the world will witness a marked increase in the number of people over the age of 65, compared to the number of people under the age of five.

The author emphasized that Japan has become an ideal testing center for cosmetic manufacturers interested in products that suit older women. By 2050, this demographic will constitute about 60% of the female population, according to the National Institute for Population and Social Security Research.

In addition to rivals such as Shiseido and Kose, which model Kate Moss, 45, has hired as its brand ambassador, this has prompted Paula Orbis to increasingly target older women with products tailored to them.

Kiko Fukuhara, 99, is the world's largest cosmetic advisor (social media)

New techniques to hide wrinkles
Some of these products depend on the cream, because the powder contributes to highlighting wrinkles, and wax is useful for using as an eyeliner because it does not pull the delicate skin layer around the eyes. Shiseido Corporation sells a small comb that has a little black pigment on the edge to color the white roots of hair.

In addition, there are many opportunities and potential outside the Asian markets. In the UK, people over 55 make up 44% of total spending on cosmetics, with a 5 percentage point increase in the past four years.

The writer indicated that the Japanese market got strong support recently when the government started to classify some anti-wrinkle creams as over-the-counter medicines, because they contain active ingredients such as pure retinol and compounds that fight enzymes that work to enhance wrinkles, which contributed to persuading shoppers. These products are safe and effective.

The Japanese government has started classifying some anti-wrinkle creams as available medicines (networking sites)

Properties for the elderly
The author notes that making cosmetic products for older women is accompanied by unique challenges. The font used on the labels should be larger for readability, and product surfaces should be edged to be easy to grip.

In addition, eyebrow pens from "Prior", a beauty line launched by Shiseido for customers over 50 years old, carry small tabs on the cap so that they do not roll away, as they are waterproof, because older women sweat more on Forehead level.

The director of this brand, Yuki Kawai, stated that older women cannot be explicitly targeted by age group, as phrases like "anti-aging" do not have a good impact on women's ears, it is not about hiding the bad side but rather highlighting the beautiful aspects.

The author pointed out that the Australian startup company, Riggsmay, has started selling cosmetics to older women this year using targeted online advertisements that appear when consumers search for phrases like "heat giveaways" or "loose eyelids", according to Doris Humonic. CEO of the company.

According to the writer, Fukuhara, the record-breaking plastic surgery consultant who managed to survive the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, had raised four children and was still giving lessons on flower arrangements on weekends. She assures that customers trust her, and that this trust is the most important thing ever.

Source: aljazeera

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