North Korea “Possibility of operating light water reactor” US expert pointed out 13:05 on December 7

American experts found that North Korea was starting to operate a light water reactor soon after it found that North Korea was draining a large amount of water in a laboratory reactor under construction. It points out that this could lead to an increase in the production of nuclear material that can be diverted.

Elliott Saben of Stanford University, USA, researching North Korea ’s nuclear issue, analyzed the results of more than 170 satellite photos taken from 2012 to last month, which captured a nuclear facility in Nyonbyeong, North Korea. Announced on the day.

According to this, it was discovered that the experimental reactor drainage facility that North Korea was constructing for power generation was operating from March to June.

The drainage facility seems to have been installed to flow reactor cooling water to a nearby river, and a large amount of drainage was performed, assuming that a part of the road that was nearby was washed away in the published satellite photograph. We point out that we understand.

Mr. Saben, who analyzed, pointed out to NHK on the 6th that “North Korea may soon operate a light water reactor. This will lead to the production of nuclear material that can be diverted to nuclear weapons, making denuclearization even more difficult.” The

As for North Korea, experts pointed out that a large cargo container was brought to the missile launch site from analysis of satellite photos on the 6th. Are in succession.