It was in February that the man came to the association and admitted his crime. Among other things, he had taken more than SEK 13,000 from various cash registers and refueled his car with the club's gasoline card. But the biggest blow to the little hockey club was that he managed to get just over SEK 225,000 of the association's money transferred to his own bank account.

Now the man is sentenced for slight fraud, theft and unfaithfulness against the principal to forty daily fines of SEK 90.

Chooses to support

Losing such a large sum of money is difficult for AIK hockey, but still no harsh or judgmental statements come from Chairman PA Forsberg.

- There's a man behind this, a man who doesn't feel well. We choose to support in this case, says PA Forsberg.

Refund Call

According to Forsberg, there is a call for repayment. Nothing has been decided yet, the club has awaited the legal outcome and will now have a meeting with the man. AIK hockey has lost almost a quarter of a million but still looks positive for the future.

- It's tough, but we feel safe in the situation and think we have found good solutions. We have not had to close down any business and, above all, we have learned some, says PA Forsberg.