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In silence, but without pause. The negotiation between the PSOE and United We can to form Government progresses from the back room. The meetings produce an environment of bunkerization and maximum discretion imposed by both parties. Even so, this newspaper has been able to know that the dialogue is already in a second phase. Once the structure of the Coalition Executive is over, in which Pablo Iglesias will occupy a vice-presidency, the government program and the measures to be promoted by the next Council of Ministers are now negotiated, in case the investiture is carried out in this way, which requires of the support of the Catalan independentistas.

Pablo Iglesias is finding many problems to introduce some of his star measures, such as the repeal of the labor reform, the creation of a public energy company or the intervention of the housing rental market. But the leader of Podemos is struggling to keep the pulse alive and to drive some proposal that he can exhibit before his own.

In the first stages of the negotiation between the PSOE and Unidos Podemos, both parties assured that the main problem would be the ministerial distribution and that, however, agreeing on a program would be more agile. The negotiation is built on the basis of the political-economic agreement that Sánchez and Iglesias signed in Moncloa on October 11, 2018 and that should give rise to General Budgets, which however were knocked down by Congress. There is therefore advanced work, but also friction.

The political weight of both parties (120 deputies of the Socialists and 35 of the purple , after both lost support in the 10-N elections) causes the PSOE to take the baton and Iglesias admits that he has to "swallow toads" to achieve the pact and "give in to many things". Now, in many, but not all. While the economic aspect of the new Executive will remain under control over all socialists, Iglesias struggles to print a stamp of Podemos on key issues for his party.

One of them is the rental market. From the outset, the PSOE has been reluctant to intervene in the rental market, as purple training demands. It was already clear a few months ago, when the Socialists did not include in a decree promoted by the Government on this matter a measure that, on the other hand, Sánchez and Iglesias had signed. We can also know that the presence of Nadia Calviño as vice president is an obstacle. They blame her for not wanting the government. The crux of the matter for those of Iglesias is not so much the general intervention of the rental market, but that municipalities can intervene "temporarily and exceptionally" in certain areas where the market is more triggered to lower or limit prices .



We will promote a safe and stable rental housing offer at affordable prices by mobilizing empty homes and large "homeowners", recovering the social function of housing, curbing abusive price rises and in particular supporting youth access, who will receive rental assistance in proportion to their income


Intervene the rental market to prevent abusive rises through price control and ensure a stable and safe rent for tenants and small landowners. To do this, we will establish mechanisms for the control and regulation of rental prices by creating reference price indices adapted to local realities, for which the municipalities will be enabled so that they can regulate prices in neighborhoods and areas with specially stressed prices, with the aim that no family pays more than 30% of their rent as rent.

"The programmatic negotiation is open and for us it is absolutely essential to comply with the articles of the Constitution that defend social rights. 47 speaks of the right to decent and affordable housing; therefore, limit the vulture funds or set limits on a price scale that is causing this article not to be fulfilled I think it will be an objective of the next Government, "Iglesias said yesterday before attending the inauguration of the Climate Summit. The leader of Podemos strives not to show theirs a programmatic surrender to the PSOE in exchange for chairs in the Council of Ministers.

Meanwhile, since there will be no repeal of the labor reform - only the aspects that PSOE and Podemos consider most harmful, as the Socialists defended in their program will be eliminated - there will be no public energy company to intervene in the electricity bill - another The proposed emblem of Podemos-, there is one element that Pablo Iglesias does not want to give up: the increase in the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI).

Here we can find less difficulties, since Iglesias and Sánchez are on the same line: upload it. The goal is to reach 1,200 euros per month, although the increase could be progressive from the current 900 euros. United We have already hung the medal of the rise decreed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez up to this amount, a measure that has always claimed as his party the Iglesias party.

The consensus on this point is such that knowledgeable sources of the negotiation assure that the intention would be that this rise in the minimum wage would be one of the first measures, if not the first, that the coalition Government would promote. In the event that Sanchez was invested this same month - an option that loses integers today due to difficult negotiations with ERC - the purpose would be to be carried out in early 2020.

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