US U.S. Secretary of State accused of Uyghur detention "Intentional and ongoing" November 27, 7:55

The United States Secretary of State, Pompeio, said that the US Secretary of State Pompeio said that after a group of reporters from all over the world released internal documents of the Chinese government on the issue of unjustly detaining many Uyghurs. "The infringement was confirmed," he reproached, and demanded that the Chinese government be released immediately and stop repression.

"ICIJ = International Survey and Journalists Association" released an internal document of the Chinese government that the organization obtained this month, built a large system for China to monitor the Uyghur, and more than 15,000 people per week Pointed out that he was sent to a containment facility.

The US Secretary of State, Pompeio, said at a conference on the 26th that “it was confirmed that there was a very serious violation of human rights. It was intentional and ongoing, not bullshit.” Accused the government of responding.

After that, he said, “I want to immediately release those who have been arbitrarily restrained by China, and stop the policy of dominating the people with fear,” and urged the Chinese government to stop repression.

Pompeio has repeatedly accused China of Uyghur policy, but the Chinese government has argued that it is "not based on facts" and is expected to rebound.