A former officer of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was sentenced to nineteen years in prison on Friday for spying for China. It is already the third employee of American intelligence services who has been sentenced to years of imprisonment in the past six months for such an offense.

In mid-May, the former chief officer of the CIA, Kevin Patrick Mallory, was sentenced to twenty years in prison. At the end of September Ron Rockwell Hansen, who was active at the American Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was told that he had to go to jail for ten years. Both had resold confidential information to Chinese authorities.

On Friday, 55-year-old Jerry Chuan Shing Lee had to appear in court. He was arrested in May and confessed quite soon afterwards that he had indeed sold American government secrets to the Asian country.

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Lee was approached by Chinese authorities for info

Lee left the CIA in 2007, after which he moved to Hong Kong. Three years later, he was allegedly approached by Chinese authorities who wanted to pay him a large sum of money for information he had acquired as a CIA officer.

He would "no longer have to worry" about the rest of his life. Between 2010 and 2013, hundreds of thousands of euros were deposited into Lee's bank account several times.

FBI agents found a booklet with sensitive information in Hawaii

When American security forces searched a hotel room in Hawaii, where Lee was staying at that time, he fell into the basket. FBI agents came across a booklet with sensitive information that the former intelligence officer had written down while he was in service.

Names of CIA employees, meeting locations, telephone numbers and details about multiple buildings would have been withheld by Lee. "Instead of the responsibility not to disclose national information, Lee sold his land," it said in court.


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