Bullying and riotous behavior during schooling is often not moderate when they graduate, as bullying behavior often persists in the workplace.Researches published in the Journal of Social Psychiatry reveal that about 30% of people say they are harassed in their workplace.

Studies have linked bullying in the workplace with an increased risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, suicidal thoughts and even musculoskeletal pain including back and neck pain.It can also create neurological deficits that make it difficult for you to thrive and succeed in Workplace.

Bullying becomes even more intractable in the workplace, especially if supervisors are themselves bullying. According to research by the Bullying Workplace Institute, 61% of bullying in the workplace is caused by people in positions of power. Here's how to deal with a manager can be mentally disturbed to help yourself out of terrible situations.

Targeting you because of jealousy from you
Gary Nami, a PhD in social psychology and founder of the Institute of Bullying in the Workplace and author of Bullying in the Workplace, considered bullying to be a form of abuse and has a neurological effect, as your brain is flooded with hormones that can affect It is likely that prolonged exposure to the secretions of these hormones will lead to a memory deficit that makes you look less efficient and more tense. ”

Lisa Milbrand asserts in a report published by The Healthy that the consequences of bullying affect your health, but stressed the importance of knowing that bullying is not your fault and that you did not make it or deserve it. What you need to do about bullying:

Excessive exposure to bullying will increase your stress (Pixabee)

Speak to the Human Resources Officer
The presence of your human resources department is not about explaining your entitlements or educating employees about harassment, and in this regard Nami said you should make sure that your conversations with him remain confidential, as this is a good way to explore strategies to solve your problems with the bullying Possibility to join others who have previously reported that person's behavior.

Meet your boss
According to Nami, the direct supervisor of your boss is probably the person who appointed your boss and is likely to be loyal to him. So, if talking to a bully is not an option you have, you may want to go to your human resources officer directly.

Overall, he tried to have a 15-minute meeting with the senior official with the help of the human resources officer. "Explain the state of work in which the work environment is healthier by demonstrating the impact of negative behaviors on work productivity," Nami said.

It must be understood that being bullied is not because of you and that you don't deserve it.

Distancing yourself from everyone
The easiest way to resolve a bullying situation is likely to be to try to free yourself from this dilemma, just like looking for another job in your company, since the new position doesn't require you to deal directly with the bullying.

Tougher measures may even include the search for a new job. "It's about your health and well-being," Nami said, "so you have to spend some time alone to think about it before you make a decision."

Crowd your fellow supporters
Your colleagues may see what happens, but they are more likely to be afraid of the implications of interfering. The victims of bullying in the workplace find themselves isolated from their colleagues, Nami said. "Try not to get angry if your colleagues exclude you. You need their support. Don't go to them to ask for help."

Instead, I ask them, "Has this happened to you before?" Someone or some of them can admit that they have experienced a similar situation to share with you their methods of coping with the situation, and then become your ally in your plight.

Find out what the bully costs your company
Your most vicious case against the aggressor is not only those that affect your health and quality of life, but also the financial health of the company. “Try to determine how important a bullying person is in your company and how it affects your business,” explains Nami.

Moreover, the rate of employee turnover over the years has been set to see the cost of replacing someone, and in many cases the toxic environment is a huge depletion of money and efficiencies in the company, Nami said.

You shouldn't give in to isolation. It's a way to hurt yourself. (Getty Images)

Get support from outside the workplace
According to Nami, you should not give in to isolation, but rather get social support from your loved ones because isolation is your enemy and is a way to hurt yourself.

Talk to a lawyer about your options
Unfortunately, unless you can prove that you have been harassed or targeted, you will have difficulty taking legal action against your employer.

Visit a psychologist
Eventually, the psychologist advised Nami to seek a specialist in trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, where he can help you cope with the long-term effects of abuse, saying bullying in the workplace exposes you to cumulative stress and debilitating anxiety. That makes you more susceptible to clinical depression.