by Marzio Quaglino November 22, 2019With the eyes always focused on the war of duties, the United States and China are the European stock markets that have opened up. Milan rose by 0.39%, slightly less than London (+ 0.85%), Frankfurt (+ 0.54%) and Paris (+ 0.59%). Oil stocks with Saipem (+ 2.29%) and Tenaris (+ 2.10%) performed well on the Milanese list.

Purchases in this case sustained by the rise in the price of crude oil which was carried over to the values ​​of two months ago on the assumption of a production cut. The North Sea brent has risen by $ 3 a barrel in two days to reach 64.

On the secondary market for government securities, the gap between BTPs and Bunds widens slightly, with 153 basis points and our 10-year yield, which is 1.23%.

Among the currencies Euro little moved on the Dollar with the exchange rate at 1.1071.