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November 22, 2019After about four hours, "the meeting with the Mittals was concluded. The Messrs Messrs, during this ample confrontation, made themselves available to immediately start a discussion aimed at defining a shared itinerary in Taranto".

Thus said Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in the press room at Palazzo Chigi, after the meeting with the top management of Arcelor Mittal.

"The goal of this process is to arrive at a new business plan that ensures maximum commitment to environmental remediation. I was very clear with
them, at this point we need an energy transition plan. The possibility of public involvement in the new project was also evaluated. We immediately put the full involvement of the Italian system on the table. In this perspective we have ensured the availability of public involvement ".

Conte reiterated that the employment level will have to be guaranteed to the maximum and he hoped that an agreement will be reached soon. "To this end - added Conte - we will ask for a brief delay to obtain a postponement of the hearing scheduled for November 27. This is on condition that Arcelor Mittal ensures the regular operation of the plants".

"The government is willing to support this process", "also with social measures, if necessary, in agreement with the unions".

And then: "We have not discussed the criminal shield, I am much more concerned with the goal of obtaining a sustainable business plan. For us, Taranto is no longer just the former Ilva plant but a community of citizens who are waiting and the policy must be up to these demands, "said Conte. "This is why I can already thank many of our national champions who have worked hard to bring projects that we will evaluate together and will soon return to Taranto for an integrated package," he added.

Present with Conte were the Minister of the Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, and the Minister for Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, for the government, while on the other side the leaders of the Arcelor Mittal, Lakshmi and Aditya Mittal groups. And, in an ongoing meeting, Arcelor Mittal Italy's ad, Lucia Morselli, was also added, who had initially remained outside the room where the meeting took place.