The British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn claims to remain neutral in a possible second Brexit referendum. Should he become prime minister after the early general election in December, he would remain impartial before the vote, said Corbyn in a broadcast by the broadcaster BBC discussion. The goal is to unite the country and not continue the Brexit debate endlessly.

The Labor leader had previously largely left open, as he would behave in the promised by his party in the event of a victory in a second referendum on the British EU exit. In the BBC he said he would negotiate as Prime Minister within three months, a new exit agreement with the EU. He would then put this to the vote. Citizens should also be able to vote for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.

The British voted in 2016 in a first referendum with a narrow majority for the EU exit. The withdrawal had to be postponed several times because there was no majority in parliament for a withdrawal agreement. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to lead the country out of the EU on 31 January. In polls his conservatives are currently far ahead of the Labor Social Democrats. In the new elections, Johnson wants to secure a majority in parliament for the ratification of the Treaty.