P1 refers to the desire to renew and try new voices in the host role.

- It's great with renewal, but experience is not a shame either, says Täppas Fogelberg, who has been one of the program's most long-standing and profiled program managers.

- It's a very special job, after all. People ask what the program is about and they say "I don't know". This means that one must be incredibly present at the moment of transmission.

No extension

He says he has not received any signals that his participation would end until Friday, when his manager in Sundsvall asked for a call after broadcast. Then he was told that his freelance agreement would not be extended; no more weeks were in the "pipeline", it was called.

- It was the last broadcast, that's what is so sick, he says.

Nina Glans, channel manager for P1, says that there is no schism or dissatisfaction behind the change.

- We need new voices and get variety in the radio. No one is a life-long program manager and now it was Tappa's turn this time, she says.

"Many good years"

She points out that Täppas Fogelberg will turn 69 next year and that his participation has been reduced with increasing age.

- He has done many good years in Ring P1, he has been a healthy fan and I appreciated him very much, says Nina Glans.

According to her, this year's Ring P1 had 17 program leaders who took turns sending the program, one week at a time. What new votes will be added next year are not clear yet, she says.

Special style

Täckas Fogelberg has no plans to stop working, but has not yet made any concrete plans. He also says that he has received many expressions of sympathy since he posted the news on his Instagram account on Friday afternoon.

- I have a lot of detractors because I have a little special hostess style, but there are also many who like me for it. If everything is just goodness, no one leads where it is, in fact, when things get on the edge that there is a development.