Wiesbaden (AP) - In a collision of a bus with several vehicles on Thursday, 21 people were injured in Wiesbaden. A bus driver had lost control of his vehicle at the central station for no apparent reason, said a spokesman for the police.

According to emergency services, the articulated bus drove across a green area, against another bus, four cars and finally a shelter. The investigators do not assume, however, that the driver acted deliberately.

Immediately after the accident in the afternoon, the task forces initially assumed 16 casualties. But the number increased during the evening. "Locally, a person was trapped between the bus stop area and one of the participating buses and a bus driver was locked in place," said a fire department spokesman. Passers-by would have both freed before the arrival of the rescuers.

The forces immediately began treating the victims. Of the 21 people, 19 were hospitalized. Two accident victims were seriously injured, five moderate. Psychosocial care was provided for the slightly injured and other participants.

On a bus, the tank was torn open. There were large quantities of fuel leaked, which were collected. Rescue service and fire brigade were on site with a total of almost 30 vehicles and over 80 emergency services.

The investigation continued according to police in the evening. Cause could be a technical defect, human error or a combination of both, says a spokesman. An appraiser was consulted, who examined the accident site. A police helicopter took pictures. The cleanup should last until late at night. There were significant traffic disruptions.