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If you are looking for an opportunity to work or study and are considering Germany, they are also looking for you, because they need young talents in the face of demographic shifts that are expected to reduce their population in the coming decades.

This is why the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, through its official portal, launched the “Here Germany - Discover Your Future” campaign to secure Germany's labor needs.

Address the lack of competencies
Demographic shifts have become a major challenge for Germany. According to reliable forecasts, the country will lose more than 10 million by 2050 due to low immigration and the birth rate.

Germany's skills shortage is exacerbated in an unprecedented way, and the need for mechatronics, electrical engineering, mining engineering, mechanical engineering, health and trade is growing.

In order to remedy the shortage, the German government seeks to facilitate the migration of qualified people through the Blue Card. The beneficiaries are familiar with the German language and will be allowed to work. Foreign students can also benefit from the Blue Card, which will also be available to foreign university graduates, in order to entice them to stay in Germany.

Get to know Germany
Before we get to know the “Here Germany - Discover Your Future” campaign, let's take a look at the Diary of German Life.

Income: Official data showed that the cost of living in Germany is still higher than the rest of the European Union, and the net monthly income of the average family in Germany about 3399 euros.

Mobility: Germany is one of the countries where public transport is well served, and bike is available to almost every family in Germany, with about 83 million people owning nearly 37 million bicycles.

Housing : 54% of Germans live on rent, which consumes a quarter to a third of monthly income, and the cost varies by region and city. Munich is the most expensive in terms of rents, followed by Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Food : The Germans' food is more vegetables, a little fruit, and a lot of fish.

Volunteerism is a sacred thing for the Germans. According to statistics, about 31 million people devote their free time to children and the elderly, helping to extinguish fires and rescue accident victims.

Finally, Germans do not like to show off, they are simple, humble and sober people, who are realistic and pragmatic, even in their clothes.

Tips for studying in Germany
German is no longer a requirement. German universities have more than 160 undergraduate majors and about 1,100 master's programs, mostly in English.

Test your abilities : What should you know to study physics or mechanics in Germany? On the test page you will find sample questions for international students on the entrance exam.

Financial support : The most important providers of scholarships to foreign students are the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the talented support networks.

Accommodation : Most international students use university accommodation, and the room costs between 160 and 300 euros.

Frozen bank account : Anyone applying for a visa to study in Germany needs a parent's payroll statement or € 8,700 per year to be deposited in a frozen account in Germany as a financial guarantee. This account can be opened online at Fintiba, which is The process needs at least a week.

Search for services : Student institutions in Germany offer services to foreign students, such as accommodation, food and health insurance, at a cost of € 158 to € 358, preferably booked before the start of the study.

Stay Connected : If you don't start studying in Germany, you can start with open online courses (MOCs) as a temporary alternative. Interactive courses are available free of charge around the world, and popular universities such as the Technical University of Munich or the Association of Nine Technical Universities are published. Tu9) Curricula and courses in German and English on the Iversity platform.

Here is Germany - Discover your future

Quick Check : Through the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy portal you can conduct a quick check to verify that you meet the conditions, only you have to specify your goal (work, study ..) and your nationality, provided you have a university degree, and be able to support yourself during your stay there.

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Job offers: You can search over 4000 jobs in all professional fields, then you can find out the steps to get a job in Germany.

Recognition of qualifications: It is essential that Germany recognize professional or educational qualifications issued by your country, so you will find a link to the recognition of qualifications on the portal.

Visa: You are entitled to apply for a visa to Germany after you have a real employment contract there, by making an appointment at the German Embassy in your country.If you have a recognized high educational qualification in Germany you can get a 6-month visa to search about a job.

Health insurance: Compulsory health insurance from the first day of your stay in Germany.

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Finally, the portal of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy provides you with a view of what you should know and do in your first 100 days in Germany.