• So are the 52 Vox. Three military, two victims of ETA, a lawyer of the Franco, a hunter ...

Santiago Abascal has linked the escape of Spain by Hugo Carvajal, who was the head of Intelligence with Hugo Chávez , with the government pact between the PSOE and United We Can, implying that facilitating his escape could be some kind of counterpart from Pedro Sánchez to Pablo Churches

"We have all suspicions, we believe that Pedro Sánchez has no scruples," said the leader of Vox, who stressed that he believes that the "surprising" leak "has to do with the pacts that are occurring between the PSOE and United We Can ".

In a press conference at the Congress, prior to the family photo of the 52 deputies of Vox on the main steps, next to the emblematic lions Daoíz and Velarde, Abascal has announced that Vox will present "parliamentary initiatives", among which is to request the appearance of different officials of the Ministry of Interior , to clarify how the Chicken Carvajal has been able to escape, name as this military is commonly known.

THE WORLD reported last Tuesday of his escape, possibly with false documentation, after Carvajal could not be located at the address he had communicated to the judicial authorities. And, the Plenary of the National Court had agreed a few days before extraditing the former head of Intelligence of the Chavez regime to the United States , revoking his initial refusal.

After confirming that he is unaccounted for, the National Court has issued a search and seizure order. The United States accuses anyone who was a close collaborator of Hugo Chávez of implementing a plan to bring drugs from the FARC into the US

Vox is also considering opening a judicial route because it has "all suspicions" that there may have been "some kind of illegality that has facilitated this escape."


As for the formation of Government, Abascal has once again warned of the dangers of a PSOE pact with United Podemos and the separatist parties. "A pact against Spain", he has defined. In this sense, the Vox leader has pressured regionalist parties such as the PRC of Miguel Ángel Revilla, Teruel Existe, Canary Coalition or Nueva Canarias so that they do not "surrender" in exchange for some kind of "prebenda" or "crumb".

He has asked all of them for "reflection" so that they "do not get carried away by regional selfishness" and that they prioritize the good of the whole country. Express mention to Teruel There is the one who has asked not to participate in a set of supports in exchange for concessions that has turned his province into "the pagan state of autonomy."

In the case of not making this reflection, Vox has warned with being especially belligerent in their territories to denounce to their voters the "practices" that these parties are going to "perpetrate" in exchange for "some prebenda or crumb."

Vox remains out of any movement on the right to allow Sanchez to rule alone, without the ties of Pablo Iglesias or the independents. Abascal has spoken in recent days with the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, but maintains that he will not add to any "patriotic abstention" that allows an investiture of the leader of the PSOE.

If other parties manage to facilitate governance, we will not reproach it ", it is the maximum granted by the Vox leader, who emphasizes that there are reasons for consensus between the PSOE, PP and Citizens to enlighten a different pact. In any case, Abascal He is not able to vote against any Executive led or integrated by the PSOE.

Will take subsidies until they are eliminated

On the other hand, Vox has announced that it will re-present all the initiatives that led Congress last, including the one that asks to eliminate any public subsidy to political, union and employers' organizations. While that is still in force, Abascal has stated that his party will take and use the public money to which they are entitled, without giving up a single euro, because he intends to compete on equal terms as the others. He has assured that there is no "contradiction" that is worthwhile. Just as, he explained, they are against autonomy and stand for regional elections.

Abascal has warned that when they present the proposal in Congress they will have to be the other political forces that "portray" about the use of public subsidies.

Once the press conference is over, Abascal has presided over the family photo of the 52 Vox deputies on the steps of the Congress. An inn in which leaders and figures of the party such as Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, Javier Ortega Smith or Macarena Olona stand out .

Among the new deputies are the vice president of Vox, Víctor González ; the former lawyer of the Franco Juan José Aizcorbe , General Alberto Asarta or several victims of terrorism such as Francisco José Alcaraz, former president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) and Vox candidate for Jaén, and Antonio Sálva, number one in the Balearic Islands and father of the last victim of the terrorist band in Spain.

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