The British prince Andrew denies that he had sex with a teenager twenty years ago. The second son of Queen Elizabeth II did so in an hour-long television interview about his ties with Jeffrey Epstein that was broadcast by BBC News on Saturday night.

Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of the multi-millionaire Epstein convicted of sexual misconduct, declared in 2015 during the civil case against Epstein that she was forced several times between 1999 and 2002 to have sex with Prince Andrew. According to her, that happened in London, in New York and on a private island in the Caribbean. She was a minor at the time.

In the interview Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, denies in all tones that he ever met the woman.

Giuffre states that she met him at a nightclub in London where he was dancing sweaty before they had sex. But according to the prince that is not possible, because at the time he was unable to sweat due to a medical condition. According to Andrew, that condition was the result of adrenaline during the Falklands war. He would not be bothered by it anymore.

The prince adds that he was not able to see her that night because he was at home with his family after eating pizza with his daughter in a restaurant.

A photo from 2001 showing Andrew with an arm around Giuffre has been edited according to the prince. The prince is prepared to make a declaration under oath if his lawyers advise him.

Staying at Epstein was 'handy'

Even after Epstein was convicted for prostitution visit in 2007, Andrew still spent the night with him in New York. The prince said that it was primarily a useful place to stay and that he thought it was "honorable".

In an excerpt from the interview that BBC News had already released on Friday, Prince Andrew acknowledged that he did disappoint his family with this visit. This behavior "is unbecoming for a member of the British royal family".

In 2010, Andrew saw Epstein for the last time "to end the friendship," said the prince. The millionaire was already registered as a sex offender.

Interview must put an end to affair

The British prince has been under fire for months because of his ties with Epstein. This American businessman, in anticipation of his lawsuit over the sexual exploitation and abuse of dozens of underage girls, put an end to his life in August at the age of 66.

With the unusual interview with BBC News , Prince Andrews tried to put an end to the affair. The prince defended his friendship with Epstein because it offered him the opportunity to meet business people and build a network after his time in the army.

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