• Bad weather. Red alert in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Emilia Romagna
  • Bad weather, new disturbances coming up in Trentino
  • Bad weather, still thunderstorms and gale winds in the central north
  • Bad weather affects northern Italy
  • Bad weather. Crolla attic of the 18th century villa in Herculaneum. Mayor: "State forgets its beauties"


17 November 2019

The wave of bad weather is not just Venice; alert for hydrogeological risk from north to south, the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Fraccaro said that the government is ready to recognize the state of emergency also to other regions. Floods, landslides, and evacuations: this is the situation of the last hours.

The governor of Alto Adige: stay at home
"Stay at home, avoid travel and follow the directions of civil protection. Keep in mind that even bus and train services are currently limited." This is the appeal launched by the Alto Adige governor Arno Kompatscher on Facebook. "Civil protection and emergency services indeed need free roads and must be able to concentrate on their rescue work," he explains. "For this reason and for security reasons, stay at home," concludes Kompatscher.

Avalanche in the Martello Valley
In Val Martello, at 8.50 am, an avalanche struck an inhabited area. For the moment there is no news if the landslide affected houses or roads. In these hours it is snowing intensely on the whole province, even in Bolzano. There are currently 6,500 utilities without electricity.

A #valanga drops between the #case.
Watch the #video with the incredible images coming from the #Martello valley.


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The Brenner motorway in Bressanone is closed for a few hours
The Brenner motorway was closed in both directions between Bressanone and Vipiteno due to the fall of a medium voltage pylon. The entrance to Bressanone in a northerly direction and the entrance to Vipiteno in a southerly direction are closed to traffic. "Given the current road conditions we recommend avoiding non-urgent journeys", is the appeal launched by the Bolzano Central Road System. The railway line is still interrupted for the time being, but a replacement bus service has been established between Bolzano, Fortezza and Brennero.

Veneto, full of the Piave
In Ponte di Piave (Treviso) a meeting was held by the President of the Region Luca Zaia to examine the flooding of the Piave river and the examination of all Veneto river basins. In the last six hours - reports the bulletin of the Civil Protection - the rains have been widespread and persistent, especially on the Alpine and Prealpine areas, with frequent showers and local storms. The other rivers are also monitored, in particular Livenza and Brenta-Bacchiglione.

Emergency in Tuscany. The Arno level rises
The hydrometer in Florence Uffizi recorded at 13.00 a peak of the Arno flood at 4.80 meters, below the second guard level, which is 5.50 meters. Many people, citizens and tourists, look over their shoulders or from bridges to see the rushing river flow. The deputy mayor Cristina Giachi has ordered the activation of the Civil Protection Operations Center of the Municipality: "We are following with the utmost attention - he said - the transit of flood to coincide with the contributions of the tributaries". However, the levels of Ema, Mugnone and Terzolle are decreasing.

#Maltempo A #Firenze rises the Arno level beyond the first alarm threshold and the flood wave is expected. A #Pisa place bulkheads along the shoulders. @TgrRai pic.twitter.com/vB5MsP1XJx

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In Florence over the last 24 hours more than 62.6 mm of rain fell and the gusts of wind touched up to 76 km / h tonight. A situation that led to the closure of the Boboli Gardens today also for verification of plant stability. In Pontassieve the Municipality informs that the Sieve river at Ponte a Vico is flooded, with consequent closure of several roads.

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In the Grosseto area you save 5 people trapped in the countryside
On a farm in the locality of Monte Antico, in the municipality of Civitella Paganico (Grosseto), firefighters rescued three people, including an over ninety, who remained isolated after the flooding of their country house. Given the conditions of the territory it was necessary to use the hovercraft. Two other people isolated from the water in the flood plain in the Berrettino area were recovered by the fire brigade always with the hovercraft.

Finally, the fire brigade recovered and rescued a dog in the locality of Le Conce in Istia d'Ombrone. In Cecina the river has broken its banks in the locality of Casagiustri, in the municipality of Montescudaio, on the border between the provinces of Pisa and Livorno and has invaded woods and fields, more than 500 people have been evacuated as a precaution. In addition to the 170 paratroopers of the Folgore used at the request of the prefecture of Pisa in the operations of prevention in the city for the full Arno waiting in the evening.

At the Normale di Pisa, books are secured
Concern over a possible flood of the Arno and its possible flooding has mobilized students and staff of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa who, in the early afternoon, began to secure hundreds of books kept on the ground floor of the Piazza Library of the Knights. Tomorrow, blockade of outpatient and surgical activities in the facilities of the Santa Chiara Hospital.

Rossi: widespread damage tomorrow we'll do the counting
Due to bad weather "damage is widespread in various parts of Tuscany, we will do damage counting starting tomorrow". This was stated by the President of the Tuscany Region, Enrico Rossi, taking stock of the situation at a press conference at the regional civil protection headquarters. Rossi recalled that "in Grosseto there is an order of the mayor concerning those who reside at a distance of 400 meters from the Ombrone river. I am on the side of the mayors, even in situations where it seemed that the mayor's provision might seem excessive, they did well to enact the ordinances because the precaution and the protection of life come first of all. Good mayors who have taken the measures they had to adopt "

Emilia Romagna, critical situation in the Rhine basin
Critical situation for bad weather in the entire Rhine basin, which extends in Emilia Romagna in the provinces of Bologna, Ravenna and Ferrara. The state of red alert remains, which does not exclude the risk of flooding. The river Reno is reaching the height of flood in Casalecchio (a height of 2 meters and 20) and will arrive in the late afternoon / evening in Cento (Ferrara). There are 80 interventions by firefighters in Bologna, 100 in Modena due to bad weather situations. In the two provinces operational sections were sent in alluvial version, after the criticalities for floods reported in the areas of Budrio and San Giovanni in Persiceto.

Bonaccini leaves the Pd convention in progress in Bologna: "There is a full history, I run in Budrio and in some other municipality that sees the risks of damming, unfortunately we are in this situation".

The Index in Bologna exits, hundreds of people evacuated
The stream Idice has broken a bank and is flooded in the area of ​​Budrio, in the Bologna area. Evacuation operations are underway which could involve at least one hundred people, according to preliminary information. The Municipality recommends that citizens not to go to the site and use "the utmost caution when traveling on roads marked as critical points". A rescue center is being set up in the municipal sports hall.

Discomforts in Campania: flooding in Caserta, evacuated hotel in Naples
The consequences of bad weather in the Neapolitan and other areas of Campania are heavy: in Giugliano, in the area of ​​Lago Patria, a hotel has been evacuated, according to what we learn from the Civil Protection. This is the Hotel L'Aicrè, located on the shores of the Lake; six people have been removed from the structure. In the area the civil protection sent some dewatering pumps. Water flow difficulties are reported in the area of ​​the mouth of the Regi Lagni in Castel Volturno (Caserta) and heavy inconveniences are registered, as well as in different areas of Naples, also in the municipalities north of the Campania capital like Marano and Quarto and in other centers of the Phlegraean area.

The Civil Protection is intervening in various areas of the region. Problems throughout the Caserta area due to bad weather, particularly on the Domizio coast at Castel Volturno. Difficulties due to the flow of water are reported at the mouth of the Regi Lagni where a few months ago the grid blocking the waste arriving from the hinterland was seized by the judicial authority; implantation. Strong floods are also reported in the localities of Destra Volturno and Bagnara, where rain or heavy seas always cause damage due to inadequate sewage systems and an unstoppable erosion of the coast, with water easily reaching the first floors of the houses .

The thunderstorms and above all the sea storms of the last 24 hours have created critical situations in the whole Phlegraean area. The greatest damage is being counted in Monte di Procida and on the coast bordering the municipality of Bacoli. The storm destroyed the Miliscola coast line, one of the most frequented beaches in the Phlegraean area.

Sea storm in the Phlegraean area, destroyed shores
The thunderstorms and above all the sea storms of the last 24 hours have created critical situations in the whole Phlegraean area. The greatest damage is being counted in Monte di Procida and on the coast bordering the municipality of Bacoli. The storm destroyed the Miliscola coast line, one of the most frequented beaches in the Phlegraean area.

Fallen trees and strong wind, 200 interventions in Rome. Badly injured young man
There were two hundred interventions by firefighters throughout the night in Rome due to floods and fallen trees due to the storm and the strong wind that are falling in these hours on the capital. Already this morning there are 100 interventions in the queue. There are trees on the roadway on the Salita di Sant'Onofrio, in the center; closed to traffic because the underpass flooded in the direction of Via Gregorio VII on the Lungotevere in Sassia; trees in the street and relative closure to the transit also in via di Donna Olimpia in Monteverde and in via Vitellia; always fallen trees in via Cavriglia, Prati Fiscali area. On via Aurelia, between kilometer 14 and 13, a billboard for the strong wind fell. Interventions are also reported in Civitavecchia and Nettuno. On the transport front, the circulation of metro C was slowed for an hour in the Giardintti-Pantano section due to the strong wind. Also the Rome-Lido regional railway slowed down due to the presence of a tree on the electricity network near Ostia Antica.

Due to bad weather yesterday evening, a tree fell on a car in Albano Laziale: a 23-year-old boy was seriously injured. The young man, at about 9 pm, was walking along Via dei Cappuccini when the heavy tree hit his car. Firefighters intervened to extract it from the metal sheets and entrust it to the care of 118 who transported it in red code to the Castelli hospital. A landslide was reported in the hamlet of Cesano. Dozens of trees felled by the strong wind. Problems in the Lazio coast, especially in Civitavecchia and Fiumicino. Trees on the roadway also in the Castelli Romani, in Albano, Nemi and Ciampino.

Lazio Civil Protection: yellow alert in the next 36 hours
The Regional Functional Center has today issued a bulletin that reports a criticality assessment yellow code for hydraulic and hydro-geological risk for possible ground effects due to the past adverse weather event on the following Lazio alert areas: North Coastal Basins, Medio Tevere Basin, Apennines of Rieti, Rome, Aniene, South Coastal Basins and Basin of Liri from the evening of today, Sunday 17 November and for 24-36 hours.

Di Maio: in Cdm state of emergency
"We welcome all the aid to the citizens of Venice. We are on the front line. In the same way we expect the same kind of aid for other cities. Yesterday I heard Undersecretary Fraccaro following the dossier," says the political leader of the M5S, Luigi Di Maio. "In the next few hours we will bring to the Council of Ministers the emergency states requested by other Municipalities and Regions. There is a current weather alert with regions that are managing difficulties like in Campania".