A survey conducted by the Ministry of Interior, recently, on its website, revealed that the use of mobile phone top causes most distracting drivers from the road, causing traffic accidents, while the traffic departments in the UAE 88,619 violations of the use of a mobile phone last year, i.e. An average of 243 violations per day, in addition to the registration of 4184 violations of the road for other reasons.

71.43% of the respondents chose to use mobile phones as the main reason for busy on the road, 17.69% for children and 10.88% for eating and drinking.

According to Ministry of Interior statistics, 438 accidents resulted in the death of 59 people and 495 injured nationwide during the past year, while the traffic departments recorded 323,102 offenses during the last three years.

The Ministry of Interior stressed the need to abide by the rules of traffic and traffic, as Article No. (178) of the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law on traffic control rules and procedures stipulates that «busy road while driving the vehicle using the phone, or busy road while driving the vehicle in any way He is punished with an offense of 800 dirhams and four traffic points. ”He stressed that regardless of the violation, innocent lives are not a game in the hands of such drivers.

The Ministry, represented by the Federal Traffic Council and the General Directorate of Traffic Coordination in the Ministry, launched this year, a traffic campaign under the slogan «Do not preoccupy without the road».

In a related context, Abu Dhabi Police stressed that the busyness of the road is one of the most traffic violations leading to deaths and serious injuries on the roads in Abu Dhabi, in the light of statistics and analytical studies of accidents and traffic violations.

The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters recently launched an awareness initiative, the “Safety Trail” campaign, to raise the level of traffic culture among drivers and pedestrians on the most committed traffic violations, including busy roads, which occur for several reasons, including the use of the phone for browsing the Internet and sites. Social networking, making a call, taking photos, eating and drinking, preoccupying makeup and arranging clothes, tuning radios, the driver's attention to talking to his companions, and other things that can lead to serious consequences, the risk of which is traffic accidents.

Busy without the road

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the danger of being busy outside the road, and the obstruction of traffic and accidents, warning of the danger of correspondence while driving on social media.

She stressed that making a phone call, receiving a call, or sending a text message, while driving, distracted the driver's attention and caused serious accidents.

Abu Dhabi Police launched the “Safety Trail” to raise the level of traffic culture among drivers and road users.