First images of Malú and Rivera after his resignation. TELECINK

Malú and Albert Rivera flee Madrid

Albert Rivera's declaration of love to Malú

Albert Rivera announces that he leaves politics after the electoral debacle of Cs

24 hours after the former leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera , announced his resignation as leader of the political formation and announced that he was leaving politics, he has fulfilled one of his promises: to dedicate more time to his people and, in particular, to his partner, singer Malú , "who has always been by my side enduring everything at all times, against all odds".

During his speech, the former president of Citizens made it clear that he left the policy "to be happy" and to "focus on what I love most", his daughter, his parents, his friends and, of course, his partner. And that is what he has done. An indiscreet camera captured the first images of the couple, issued Tuesday by Save Me , after Rivera's excited speech.

They see the couple having breakfast in what looks like a road bar . In the foreground Malu is seen wrapping some toast at the watchful eye of Albert Rivera . According to a witness quoted by Save Me , they both ordered coffee, juice and toast to go.

The images were taken in a bar outside Madrid, on the A-5 road , according to this witness, direction Extremadura, at 07:30 hours. According to the program, the witness of that moment said he saw Rivera "calm and relaxed" , while Malú was a little more restless, pending not being recognized.

As La Razón newspaper revealed on Tuesday, the couple has put land in between to relieve the pressure of recent weeks and have left Madrid, although fate remains an unknown.

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